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-A French Company of Fire Installation

Currently and in the past I´ve been so lucky to participate and collaborate in numerous projects of different styles and forms:

Electro-acoustic, film and audioviual-works, improvisation, experimental music, mapping, dance and theatre productions etc with which I´ve had the opportunity to perform around the world, in Europe (Spain, France, UK, Germany, Denmark, Bulgaria etc), China, Tunisia, Korea, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, etc., in festivals like Sónar, LEV, Eufònic, Sharja Light Festival, Hi Seoul, Melbourne International Arts Festival, etc.

Here are some of my current projects:

-Fire instalations

One of my cherished moments are the ones performing in the Fire Installations of the French company Cie. Carabosse, playing my music for their spectacular and poetic flames. 

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"A Taste of Nature"
-Audio-visual project

"A Taste of Nature" is a duo with the visual artist Alba G. Corral.

This special Live audio-visual project consists of a dialog between the visual arts of Alba she performs and creates live, integrating real-time coding and drawing with my live music.

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"D´Arbre en Arbre"
-A performance installation

It´s a new unique creation from the French company Cie. Carabosse I´ve had the privelige to be part of.  

"D´Arbre en Arbre" is a dreamlike, immersive and sensitive experience, It takes us on a cinematic and musical journey by the light of the flame, between painting, video projection and curious dreamy machinery.

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