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A Taste of Nature 
-a project with visual artist Alba G. Corral

"A Taste of Nature" is a duo with the visual artist Alba G. Corral.  It was formed as a result of a constant collaboration that these two artists had with the musician and composer Miguel Marín, Arbol. In 2014 they started the dual project to experiment new sonoric and visual paths.

  They create a dialogue between visual atmospheres projected on the body of the cellist and her instrument, and the sound performed with the cello and processed with pedals. The visuals of Alba G Corral integrate real-time coding and drawing in real time, creating a narrative atmosphere thanks to the experimentation with digital forms and sound waves in an attempt to narrate the nature forms through the audiovisual.

 Giving great importance to improvisation, they create a scenography adaptable to situation and context, the focal point on the live, the performance, the core of creation.


Web Alba G. Corral

Soundcloud audio recordings

Live audio recording from a performance at the festival ECOSS, Barcelona nov 2020

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