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***A new album out!!!***

Björt Rùnars (Björt Rúnarsdóttir) is an icelandic cellist and soundscaper based in Barcelona. 

With roots in the classical world and branches leading to experimentation and electronics her music is an exploration of delicate textures.

-In her music she generally plays with the sound and texture of her cello processing its natural sound with pedals and effects, making webs of music looping and often adding pre-recorded rythms and field-recordings and other material as her voice, keyboards and other instruments.

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A new solo album out


Tiktúra at Bandcamp La Posada Records

Tiktúra is the first solo album I publish.  It was recorded and mixed in my home studio Studio Kurrr between 2021-22 and mastered and edited by izOReL and Enki Rotureau at La Posada Records.

Artwork photo and design: Michelle McFarlane

The album is an EP of 6 songs I composed during the last years

Tiktúra at different platforms:

  • Tiktúra at Bandcamp
  • Tiktúra at Spotify
  • Tiktúra at YouTube
  • Apple Music

-More News-

A Film-Teaser of the work of Cie. Carabosse by Vincent Muteau with my music:

An album of the experimental band Fe Baido released by Zona Watusa music: "Vegur"

Vegur at Bandcamp Zona Watusa

Two realeses from the project "Varosha" with poet Mireia Calafell:

The album "Ahava"  of MIRT released on Spotify and Bandcamp:


Mirt Bandcamp

LIVE recordings on soundcloud: