Björt Rùnars

Cellist & composer


A new Film-Teaser of the work of Cie. Carabosse by Vincent Muteau with my music:

A new album of Fe Baido released by Zona Watusa music: "Vegur"


A new realese from the project "Varosha" with poet Mireia Calafell:

A new album of MIRT released last summer:

Björt Rùnars (Björt Rúnarsdóttir) is an icelandic cellist and soundscaper based in Barcelona.  With roots in the classical world and branches leading to experimentation explores the world of music in its many forms with her cello.

Photo: Pablo Gallegos Riera

In her music she generally plays with the sound and texture of her cello processing its natural sound with pedals and effects, making webs of music looping and sometimes adding pre-recorded rythms and other material. 

Sometimes with the cello solo and sometimes accompanied with her voice, keyboards and other instruments.