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Performances with the sculptor
Joaquín Jara

In 2013 a constant creative work began with the sculptor Joaquín Jara.  Together they have over the years performed a series of sculptural actions within the Performative Laboratory that Joaquín Jara began developing in 2003 and other means of performance.

3 short videos by Teresa Meaza from the Art-festival: "Kaldarte No-Nexo " in Caldas de reis 2019 

-  -clips from the performance and construction with music from the performance:

"Récupérer le sacré coeur"  Intervention by Joaquín Jara in Couvent Levat/Atelier Yuxtapox.  A curatorial project of Gael Lefeubre, Marseille, France 2018.

-Video by Psymedia with music of Björt Rùnars:       

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