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The vast and continuous musical collaboration with izOReL goes back many years and still goes on.

In 2013 I began working with OReL, the French musician and musical producer in his musical project izOReL.  He had been playing for many years in the Fire Installations of the french company Cie. Carabosse a solo-set and we soon expanded and developed that set to a duo, and have performed with the company in their magical installations around the world over the last years. We have also created music for audio-visual projects, documentary-films and mapping.

Web OReL/izOReL


izOReL playing as a duo in the Fire Installation of Carabosse in Petite Rosselle 2015:

Video from a small concert in Barcelona

In 2015 we began composing music for the french company of mapping "Spectaculaires Allumeurs d´image" and in that process the third member, the french drummer Mathieu Fort (Bam Bam), entered the project, and they have since as a trio composed music for various visual media such as documentary films and mapping shows.


Highlighted project:

-Music for the Mapping Show WOW (Spectaculaires-Allumeurs d'Images) in Brixen, Italy 2017

-Music of the Show "Rennes sur son 31" with the mapping from Les Allumeurs d'Images, the performer Théo Sanson (on a slackline between the Opera and the Town Hall) and the lights from Spectaculaires. Rennes, France 2015.


Music from shows on Bandcamp:

The making of and the show of New Years Eve of Rennes (FR) Town Hall Square.

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