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D´Arbre en Arbre
-A Performance Installation

In 2023, after some years playing in the Fire-Installations of the French company Cie. Carabosse, I participated in the creation of their new project "D´Arbre en Arbre" that explores the relations between man and nature, especially the world and realm of the trees. 


"D´Arbre en Arbre" (From Tree to Tree) invites the public attending on a promanade:


"A wander at dusk through our forest, where, all around you, the interaction between trees and people comes to life. A journey from the canopy-head to the roots-feet.  The child climbing trees, bark-like imprints, upside-down forests to look at the world, leaf faces…A gallery of portraits of trees and people to tell the story of this encounter, to show its poetry and fragile equilibrium".

A dreamlike, immersive and sensitive experience, D´Arbre en Arbre takes us on a cinematic and musical journey  by the light of the flame, between painting, video projection and curious, dreamy machinery.

Web Cie Carabosse

Photos: Kalimba Mendes @kalimba_m

and Vincent Muteau @vmuteau

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