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Fe Baido
-Experimental band


In the strange year of 2020 I joined the Barcelonian experimental analog band Fe Baido.  The band originally a duo of Carlo Pavía and Pau Robert thus became trio. 


The emphasis of the band is constructing an introspective musical world of experimental and ambient textures with sounds performed live and manipulated with analog effects.  The sounds created live come from Carlo´s bass and his amplified artifacts he constructs, Pau´s synthesizers and cassette player and my cello amplified and passed through effects and small objects and instruments.

Returning to a duo format in 2023 after Carlo having to part for other demanding personal projects, Pau and I have continued our journey in exploring and experimenting different sounds sound worlds and textures. 
On our journey we have encountered with different collaborations and one of these collaborations has now realized in a joint project of Fe Baido and the Japanese musician of Ondes Martenot, Tomomi Kubo.

  • Fe Baido at Instagram
  • Fe Baido at Spotify


In December 2022 Zona Watusa released a Live-album of Fe Baido recorded at a concert in Barcelona in the festival XII Mostra of the Convent de Sant Agustí.

Fe Baido Live at Bandcamp Zona Watusa

Recorded and mastered by Pablo Miranda at La Isla

Trailer by Rudy de Kok

In 2022 the record label Zona Watusa released our first album as a trio "Vegur" in cassete and digital format.  You can listen and buy here:

Vegur at Bandcamp Zona Watusa

Recorded and mastered by Iban Puigfel at Estudi Nautilus

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