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Mirt Bandcamp

MIRT is a duo with the Finnish singer Minttu Hellstén.  They began this project after working together with the finnish director of theatre Vilja Itkonen and the dutch Tap-dancer Marije Nie creating music for a show in the "Festuge 2017" of Odin teatret in Holstebro, Denmark. 

From the first moment they had a strong musical connection and enjoyed doing music together so much that they decided to continue the collaboration resulting in releasing an EP together in 2020.

 The focus of the project is a strong melody sung by voice and cello complimented with loops recorded live, keyboards and prerecorded rhythms. The force of the music is an emotional mixture of powerful melodic essence with atmospheric texture details.

In July 2020 they released their first album "Ahava" an EP. Mastered by izOReL

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